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Shredders are rated by security levels P-1 to P-7 based on the size of shredded paper particles. They are categorized into strip cut (P-1, P-2), cross cut (P-3, P-4), and micro cut (P-5 to P-7), with higher levels offering finer cuts and increased security. For safely disposing of sensitive documents, a minimum of a P-3 level shredder is recommended. Cross cut and micro cut shredders provide better security by creating smaller particles, making reassembly of shredded documents more challenging.
Cardboard can also be used to protect fragile items by wrapping it around them
According to the composition mode of the paper shredder, the existing paper shredding methods are: shredded, granular,
The subdivision of office shredder in the shredder market has a rapid growth trend
In the process of operation, enterprises in various industries need to invest a lot of money in packaging logistics every year, which not only increases the operating costs of enterprises, but also produces a large amount of corrugated box waste, resulting in a waste of resources.
The Chinese Spring Festival in 2024 is coming. Our company will have holidays from February 3rd to February 18th and resume working on 19th. I wish you a happy Spring Festival in advance. The last container of shredder going overseas before the CNY holiday has been loaded today, that is a perfect ending for 2023! Good luck 2024!
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Guangdong Elite Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 1998 in Dongguan city, a high-tech enterprise company has subsequently developed and produced all kinds of Shredders and cutters, including paper shredders, plastic bottle crushers, and cardboard shredders.
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