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This cardboard shredder converts used cardboard boxes into filler material and filler pads, which can be used both as a packing/cushioning material and as a filler material. It simultaneously cuts and perforates cardboard and creates high-quality packaging materials. This will help save costs, time, and protect the environment.
■ Ideal ecological and economical solution for packaging materials.
■ Process up to 3 layers of cardboard (Thickness under 10 mm) from corrugated cardboard into filler pads or compression filler material for safe delivery of hard-to-pack or heavy loads.
■ With adjustable working width and scale, it enables the user to optimize the measurement of packaging materials.
■ Equipped with an emergency shut-off switch to ensure user safety.
■ The rear is equipped with a pull-out shreds tray to effectively collect shreds and keep the working environment clean.
Cardboard packaging material is not only cheaper but also more environmentally friendly than using plastic. So, if your business uses a lot of packaging material for shipping products and you have lots of cardboard waste, a Elite cardboard shredder is an ideal solution to reduce costs on this material and waste collection of your scrap cardboard.
With this Elite cardboard perforator, you transform used cardboard into packaging material in one work step. Can be used as a mobile and flexible tabletop device.With a cardboard shredder you reduce cardboard waste by converting it into eco-friendly packing materials for outgoing products. It also reduces the cost of plastic packing materials and waste hauling.
Use a cardboard shredder to transform used cardboard boxes and corrugated waste materials into eco-friendly and cost-free packaging material. This recycling machine offers a sustainable and innovative solution for repurposing cardboard waste into flat netting, cushioning padding. A cardboard shredder not only pays for itself but also contributes to a reduction in packing material costs and waste hauling.
Cardboard can also be used to protect fragile items by wrapping it around them. To achieve that it is cut into special ways to turn it into softer and more flexible material. Also, if you own a business that has to ship a lot of packages daily and you need to protect them from damage during the transport, you probably spend a lot of money on packaging materials. In that case, you should consider getting a cardboard shredder.
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