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How to choose the "waste into treasure" cardboard machine?


In the process of operation, enterprises in various industries need to invest a lot of money in packaging logistics every year, which not only increases the operating costs of enterprises, but also produces a large amount of corrugated box waste, resulting in a waste of resources.

Discarded corrugated cardboard is usually disposed of in the market by recycling. However, the value of this recycling method is often limited, only a few cents per catty, the recycling efficiency is low, and a large number of discarded corrugated cardboard cannot be effectively utilized.
How to choose the waste into treasure cardboard machine? 1

In the face of the challenge of resource waste, the expansion machine came into being in this context, providing new ideas and tools for solving the problem of resource waste.

The cardboard expansion cutting machine can convert waste corrugated cardboard into environmentally friendly packaging filler, which saves a lot of costs for enterprises and is expected to become the development direction of the packaging industry in the future.

How to choose the waste into treasure cardboard machine? 2

By using a cardboard extrusion machine, businesses can reduce their reliance on fresh pulp, which in turn reduces the extraction of natural resources such as forests. Not only does this help protect the environment, but it also brings tangible economic benefits to the business. Therefore, the use of cardboard expander cutting machine is a wise choice for enterprises in various industries to reduce costs, protect the environment, and achieve sustainable development.

How to choose the waste into treasure cardboard machine? 3

If your product meets the following conditions:

Then using a cardboard cutting machine is a good choice for you

1. The shape of the product is unique, the packaging is difficult, and it needs to be flexibly responded.

2. The specifications are diverse, the number of single products is small, and the cost of mold opening is high.

3. The packaging materials must meet the standards of environmental protection and recyclability.

4. It is difficult to fill the box, and it is necessary to deal with irregular gaps, edges and corners and large spaces.

How to choose the waste into treasure cardboard machine? 4

The carton shredder machine can process the cardboard into a foldable honeycomb mesh structure, which can be used as an environmentally friendly packaging filling material for various items. Not only is the material recyclable, reducing costs for businesses, but its value has been significantly increased, even by several times. Please note, however, that the cut paper needs to be stretched to enhance its cushioning protection.


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