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Paper shredder


The paper is fed in from the middle of the blades that bite each other and is divided into many small pieces of paper for the purpose of secrecy. The shredding method refers to the shape of the paper after it has been processed by a shredder and then shredded by a shredder. According to the composition mode of the paper shredder, the existing paper shredding methods are: shredded, granular, segmented, foamed, striped, filamentous and so on. Today's paper shredders can not only process paper, but also cut credit cards, CDs, etc.

Paper shredder 1

The structure and working principle of the shredder: the shredder has two main components, the "paper cutter" and the "electric motor", which are closely connected together by belts and gears, and the motor drives the belt and gear to transmit energy to the paper cutter, and the paper cutter shreds the paper with a sharp metal angle by rotating.

Paper shredder 2

There are some shredders on the market that can choose from two or more shredding methods. Different shredding methods are suitable for different occasions, if it is a general office occasion, you can choose segments, granules, filaments, and strips. However, if it is used in some occasions with high requirements for confidentiality, it must be foamed. At present, the shredding method composed of four cutters is the most advanced working method, and the paper particles of the shredding are neat, which can achieve the effect of confidentiality.

Paper shredder 3

The shredding principle of the shredder is to tear the paper apart under the action of the power source by the dislocation of the blade or cutter. If the cutter or blade is provided with a cutting edge, the shredding effect is segmented or granular, and if the cutter or blade is provided without a cutting edge, the effect is striped.


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