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Shredder Supplier Yes Wholesale - 1

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Product name:
Shredding cutting unit
Production Lead Time:
30 days
Cardboard Box
Shenzhen, China
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Product Overview

The shredder supplier offers a flexible design with models ranging from 1*5-6P to 4*40-30P, with varying throat width, shred size, sheet capacity, security level, shredding speed, shredding time, motor type, and lifetime.

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Product Features

The shredder supplier has a unique transmission design for high-efficiency and energy-saving cutting units, with the ability to supply cutting units for international shredder brands over 20 years and also offers customized R&D based on customer requirements.

Product Value

The company regards honesty as the foundation and treats customers sincerely while providing one-stop and thoughtful services, with a commitment to quality control and a 2-year guarantee.

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Product Advantages

The shredder supplier's professional quality check team conducts strict quality inspections for high quality and adopts the most stringent set of quality management system. They also provide open and smooth traffic for convenient transportation and timely supply.

Application Scenarios

This shredder supplier is suitable for various industries and can be utilized in offices, businesses, and other settings that require secure shredding of documents. Customers can place orders via email or online and can contact the company for any questions or assistance with purchasing.

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