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細断率は98%以上。低コスト:ソリッドカッターのわずか30%。低エネルギー消費:CNC カッターと比較してエネルギーを約 40% 節約できます。高品質:通常の組み立てカッターと比較して寿命が4〜5倍です。より丈夫:機能に応じて刃とシャフトに異なる鋼材が使用されており、紙/CD/IDカード/ホッチキス/ペットボトルも細断できます。
● Low cost:only 30% of the solid cutter
● Low energy consumption:energy can be saved about 40% compare to CNC cutter
● High quality: the life time is 4~5times compare to normal assembling cutter
● More strong:blade and shaft chose different steel base on their function, can shred paper, CD, ID card, staple, plastic bottle
● Shredding efficiency is over 98%
Guangdong Elite Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 1998 in Dongguan city, a high-tech enterprise company has subsequently developed and produced all kinds of Shredders and cutters, including paper shredders, plastic bottle crushers, and cardboard shredders.
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